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Document A305 – 1986

               Contractor's Qualification Statement

               The Undersigned certifies under oath that the information provided herein is true and
               sufficiently complete so as not to be misleading.

               SUBMITTED TO:                                                              ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS:
                                                                                          The author of this document has
               ADDRESS:                                                                   added information needed for its
                                                                                          completion. The author may also
                                                                                          have revised the text of the original
               SUBMITTED BY:                Anthony T. Rinaldi
                                            Pres./CEO                                     AIA standard form. An Additions and
                                                                                          Deletions Report that notes added
                                                                                          information as well as revisions to the
               NAME:                        Anthony T. Rinaldi, LLC.                      standard form text is available from
                                            dba The Rinaldi Gro up                        the author and should be reviewed. A
                                                                                          vertical line in the left margin of this
               ADDRESS:                         .BJEFO -BOF                               document indicates where the author
                                            New York, NY  100 8                           has added necessary information
                                                                                          and where the author has added to or
               PRINCIPAL OFFICE:            Gateway Plaza                                 deleted from the original AIA text.
                                            One Harmon Me adow Bl vd.                     This document has important legal
                                            Secaucus, NJ  07094
                                            201 – 601 - 4065                              consequences. Consultation with an
                                                                                          attorney is encouraged with respect
                                                                                          to its completion or modification.
               [ X  ]Corporation
                                                                                          This form is approved and
               [ ]  Partnership                                                           recommended by the American
               [ ]  Individual                                                            Institute of Architects (AIA) and The
                                                                                          Associated General Contractors of
               [ ]  Joint Venture                                                         America (AGC) for use in evaluating
               [ ]     Other                                                              the qualifications of contractors.  No
                                                                                          endorsement of the submitting party
                                                                                          or verification of the information is
               NAME OF PROJECT: (if applicable)                                           made by AIA or AGC.

                                            Brochure Update
                                            Section 13
                                            AIA-305 Contractor’s Qualificatio n Statement
                                             TU 2VBSUFS

               TYPE OF WORK: (file separate form for each Classification of Work)

               [ X  ]General Construction
               [ ]  HVAC
               [ ]  Electrical
               [ ]  Plumbing

               [ X  ]Other: (Specify) Construction Management

               § 1 ORGANIZATION
               §1.1  How many years has your organization been in business as a Contractor?  1 -Years

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