Page 3 - TRG AIA-305 Prequalification Statement
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§1.2  How many years has your organization been in business under its present business name?  1 -Years
                      § 1.2.1 Under what other or former names has your organization operated?

              §1.3  If your organization is a corporation, answer the following:
                       §1.3.1 Date of incorporation:  12/18/2003
                       §1.3.2 State of incorporation:  New Jersey
                       §1.3.3 President’s name:    Anthony T. Rinaldi
                       §1.3.4 Vice-president’s name(s)
                       §1.3.5 Secretary’s name:
                       §1.3.6 Treasurer’s name:

               §1.4 If your organization is a partnership, answer the following:
                       §1.4.1 Date of organization:
                       §1.4.2 Type of partnership (if applicable):
                       §1.4.3 Name(s) of general partner(s)

               §1.5 If your organization is individually owned, answer the following:
                       §1.5.1 Date of organization:
                       §1.5.2 Name of owner:

               §1.6 If the form of your organization is other than those listed above, describe it and name the principals:

               § 2 LICENSING
               §2.1 List jurisdictions and trade categories in which your organization is legally qualified to do business, and indicate
               registration or license numbers, if applicable.

               2.1.1   Anthony T. Rinaldi, dba The Rinaldi Group, Registration No. 042713, dated 4/03/2008, State of New
                       Jersey, Department of Community Affairs – NJDCA - Division of Codes and Standards, Bureau of
                       Homeowner Protection, New Home Warranty Program, Trenton, NJ  08625.

               2.1.2   New York State, Department of State, Division of Corporation and State Records, Certificate for
                       Authority No. 20080422052 dated 4/22/2008.

               2.1.3   City of New York, Department of Buildings, Site Safety Manager’s License, License No. 806 dated

               2.1.4   State of Florida - The Rinaldi Group of Florida, LLC.  Certificate of Formation No. 0600187988 dated
                       1/25/2007, EIN No. 33-118359.  Certified General Contractor, License No. CGC-1514449.
               2.1.5   State of Arizona - The Rinaldi Group of Arizona, LLC.  Certificate of Formation No. L-1288403-7 dated
                       5/30/2006, EIN No. 20-5030990 dated 6/13/2006.  Contractor’s License No. 22025, Class B-01, General
                       Commercial Contractor.

               2.1.6   State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection – NJDEP.  Under Gateway Rail Transfer,
                       LLC. Certificate of Formation No. 0600281988 dated 10/16/2006, EIN No. 20-5792534.  A-901 Solid
                       Waste Interstate Commerce license to transport, broker and operate solid waste transfer station, clean
                       construction and demolition material known by the industry as C & D.

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