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2.1.7   City of New York, Department of Buildings, Safety Registration No. 600385 under Anthony T. Rinaldi,
                       LLC, dba The Rinaldi Group.

               §2.2 List jurisdictions in which your organization’s partnership or trade name is filed.

               § 3 EXPERIENCE
               §3.1 List the categories of work that your organization normally performs with its own forces.

               3.1.1   Demolition
               3.1.2   Excavation & Support of Excavation, known as SOE
               3.1.3   Concrete Foundation
               3.1.4   Ceramic Tile & Stone.  Through World-Wide-Marble and Marble Depot, a family owned operation in
                       which Mr. Rinaldi has a vested and affiliated interest, the firm imports and fabricates natural stone
                       such as granite, marble and limestone from quarries and factories around the world.  As such, the
                       firm passes onto our clients prices our subcontractors and vendors cannot match let alone beat, since
                       we go directly to the source.

               §3.2 Claims and Suits.  (If the answer to any of the questions below is yes, please attach details.)
                       §3.2.1 Has your organization ever failed to complete any work awarded to it?


                       §3.2.2 Are there any judgments, claims, arbitration proceedings or suits pending or outstanding against your
                           organization or its officers?


                       §3.2.3 Has your organization filed any law suits or requested arbitration with regard to construction contracts
                           within the last five years?

               §3.3 Within the last five years, has any officer or principal of your organization ever been an officer or principal of
               another organization when it failed to complete a construction contract?  (If the answer is yes, please attach details.)


               §3.4 On a separate sheet, list major construction projects your organization has in progress, giving the name of
               project, owner, architect, contract amount, percent complete and scheduled completion date.

               See Exhibit A attached.

                       §3.4.1 State total worth of work in progress and under contract:

                       See Exhibit A attached.
               §3.5 On a separate sheet, list the major projects your organization has completed in the past five years, giving the
               name of project, owner, architect, contract amount, date of completion and percentage of the cost of the work
               performed with your own forces.
               See Exhibit B attached.

                       §3.5.1 State average annual amount of construction work performed during the past five years:

                       See Exhibit B attached.

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