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Current Liabilities (e.g., accounts payable, notes payable, accrued expenses, provision for income
                            taxes, advances, accrued salaries and accrued payroll taxes);

                             Other Liabilities (e.g., capital, capital stock, authorized and outstanding shares par values, earned
                            surplus and retained earnings).

                       §5.1.2 Name and address of firm preparing attached financial statement, and date thereof:

                       Bernarda C. Melone, CPA, PC
                       1140 Franklin Ave., Suite 214
                       Garden City, NY  11530
                       Ph. 516 – 873 - 1548

                       §5.1.3 Is the attached financial statement for the identical organization named on page one?


                       §5.1.4 If not, explain the relationship and financial responsibility of the organization whose financial
                           statement is provided (e.g., parent-subsidiary).

               §5.2 Will the organization whose financial statement is attached act as guarantor of the contract for construction?


               § 6 SIGNATURE

               §6.1 Dated at this     day of                   20

                    Name of Organization:   Anthony T. Rinaldi, LLC.
                                            dba The Rinaldi Group
                                            Gateway Plaza
                                            One Harmon Meadow Blvd.
                                            Secaucus, NJ  07094
                                            Ph. 201 – 601 – 4065
                                            Fax 201 – 601 – 4067

                    By:                     Anthony T. Rinaldi

                    Title:                  Pres./CEO

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